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UNEQUAL® Protective Cushioning Insole

UNEQUAL® Protective Cushioning Insole

$ 39.99

Special Order (call 903-930-1024) for the following sizes:

  • 0 (W-3/4.5, K-3/4.5)
  • 7 (M-16/17.5)

For Standing, Walking for Long Periods & High-Impact Sports

The UNEQUAL® Protective Cushioning Insole provides up to 23% more cushioning than standard OEM insoles while also providing lasting comfort and helping to reduce the risk of foot injury.  This insole gives all athletes - both pro and amateur - advantages over their competition.  Constructed with Spenco® Patent-Pending THE SHAPE THAT FEELS GREAT® Technology and UNEQUAL® Patented Coated Para-Aramid to create a superior, high-performance protective replacement insole.  Unlike the disposable sock liners that come with most shoes, UNEQUAL® Protective Cushioning Insoles use advanced materials and technologies that provide cushioning, protection, and support.